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Mahna Mahna

The Nonsense That Makes Perfect Sense

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Spreading the fun of "Mahna Mahna."
It didn't just start with the Muppets, and it won't just end there. From a random Italian song in an X-rated film about Sweden (please don't bother with that part!) to a worldwide "phenomenon" (Muppets Tonight... aah, the memories), there are few people who don't know what it is... and we're here to make sure that EVERYONE does!

Our Mission Statement: To Spread the Fun of Mahna Mahna... the nonsense that makes perfect sense!

Post videos, pictures, or your experiences with Mahna Mahna! Go around in costume and shout it in the streets, or randomly insert it into your daily life. This is a place for fun, peace, and music. No bashing, please.


1) Have fun.
2) Enjoy Mahna Mahna in a safe, everyone-friendly way.
3) No hate. Period.

Thank you, and as always...


(Wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahna_mahna)